GLITCH BATCH - 12 Sticker Sheets

GLITCH BATCH - 12 Sticker Sheets

Less than $1 for each sticker sheet! ($0.83 each)


You will receive 12 sticker sheets. 

-10 of those will be 5"x7" sticker sheets from various kits.

-2 of the sheets will be 3.5" x 3.4" or Notes Add-ons stickers.  

-Variety of matte and glossy sticker paper. 

What could be better than that? These are stickers that did not pass the perfection test during process. No machine is perfect and sometimes have tiny glitches that may not be noticeable to the buyer but it is for us. 

-Some of the cutting lines didn't align all the way in some areas but the stickers are still usable and beautiful. 

-During a glitch, they sometimes cut a hairline too deep.

-We test out the ink levels with every single sticker kit to get the best result in quality. Sometimes I simply don't like the shade of the color. Too dark or too bright, and often adjust them thus ending in the glitch batch.

We take pride in our work and don't want to send out imperfect stickers but It was highly requested to still sell them and therefore they will be extremely discounted.